Professional Reviews of Serenity Sound-Reduction Coating

These highly respected building acoustics experts provided testimonies and reviews regarding Serenity™ sound-reduction coating technology after sampling and or reviewing data/testing. Here’s what they said:

David Moyer

Former Director of Riverbank Acoustical Lab

"In summary, Serenity can provide a significant reduction for specific cases in which sound abatement is required."

Professional Reviews from Commercial Builders:

Brandon L. Quinn

CEO, Eden Rock Enterprises, LLC
617 Gabriels Creek Road, Mars Hill, NC

"I wanted to thank you for introducing us to Serenity. We applied the coating in an office complex. The application was straightforward and without incident. This was our first time using the sound cancelling technology and the results were outstanding. My client was impressed with the appearance and acoustical results.

I am an unlimited licensed General Contractor in North Carolina which allows my company to build any type or size residential or commercial structure. There is a requirement with regards to commercial construction where there must be a specific Sound Transmission Class rating. Serenity surpasses this requirement rating and helps us avoid costly RC Channel, acoustic panels and additional man hours.

For residential applications, Serenity will be my first approach for home theaters and play rooms. I’ve already chosen to apply it in my own home theater with great success. I applied the product at around 30 mils and fully encapsulated the walls, floor, ceiling, and door on the inside only. I have a state of the art sound system which when turned up at 52 db. you can go directly outside the theater and hear only a slightly muffled sound. My wife is even happy with the change in the noise level — miracle! I envision many opportunities to involve this product to maximize the efficiency of our operations, achieve the desired look and noise-reduction and, ultimately, create many happy end-clients.

Ty Macko

Superintendent, 41 North Contractors
Leaning Tower YMCA, Niles, IL
Specified by YMCA Chicago Project Manager, Norbert Glod

"The product did exactly what we wanted. Applied over a difficult surface it still performed well and eliminated the echo in the room reducing the overall noise level and reverberation time in the room, which had previously been very conducive to echo because the enclosure was entirely hard surfaces which causes significant noise."

Jack Kwait

Quality Control, Blank Forrester Construction
The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History-Washington, D.C.
Specified by AECOM

"The coating worked well on a steel deck that was the ceiling for an office space occupied by many workers. The deck was loud, and adjacent to flooring for exhibit space at the museum. We sprayed the coating thick to absorb some of the vibration and airborne noise. The workers say that it’s much better and a noticeable improvement."

Al Villajo

REMAX Commercial Specialist
Flexeon Rehabilitation, Mokena, IL

"After dealing with serious noise issues at the strip mall that I manage, we decided to give Serenity a try because it applies easily, requires minimal labor and is cheaper than anything else I could find. One wall partition in particular was quite problematic and allowed sound transmit so easily that we couldn't lease the space. After applying Serenity it is now effectively protected from serious noise issues. We have since coated the entire building and seen a noticeable decrease in sound transmission throughout. I have endorsed the coating to several other mall owners who are dealing with similar problems."

Rick Zavala

General Contractor
American Optical Services/Excela Hearing Service, Colorado Springs, CO

"We used the coating on the inside of the wall cavity, on the wall finish and on the ceiling, etc. The room was completely enveloped with the coating to help increase the STC rating of the room. The coating was very effective and increased our score by at least 5 STC points from 52 to 57. The doctor at this particular facility was extremely happy, because obviously you want as quiet of an environment as possible when administering hearing exams. I have approximately 12 builds upcoming in 2013 and ALL will include Serenity."