Watch The Power of SERENITY

The Simplicity of SERENITY

Can one person, with basic spraying skills, create a quieter room without tearing down walls?
With SERENITY, the answer is Yes.

  • Two steps to quiet.

    Serenity uses a two-step system to reduce sound. Spray the Base Coat on any existing surface then apply the Finish Coat. The surface is then ready to be painted. It's never been easier to get proven sound reduction performance from one amazing, easy-to-use product.

  • Sprays on. Never comes off.

    Serenity is applied with an airless sprayer using a 625–627 tip at 2400–3000 PSI for optimal finish quality. Once applied, Serenity quickly forms a thick membrane that is durable and non-porous. We recommend using two coats of the Serenity Base Coat and one coat of the Serenity Finish Coat to maximize sound-reduction.

  • Cleans up with water.

    Serenity cleans up with water and can be applied over any kind of paint, including latex and enamel.

  • Dries fast.

    Serenity dries in under one hour, making it easy to spray multiple coats of Serenity without stopping. Serenity's amazing Dry-Fall technology ensures rapid clean-up with just a brush and pan, and less time dealing with overspray and messes.

The Serenity System

To get the best results from Serenity, start with the Base Coat and finish with the Finish Coat or a Designer Color.

  • Serenity Coatings Paint Sound Reduction Base Coat

    Base Coat

    The core of the Serenity System. Apply two coats of Base Coat on ceilings, walls, plaster and drywall using an airless sprayer. Odorless and dries in under one hour.

  • Serenity Coatings Paint Sound Reduction Final Coat

    Finish Coat

    To create a paintable, white surface, apply one coat of Finish Coat over the Base Coat. Odorless and dries in under one hour. Non yellowing.

  • Serenity Coatings Paint Colors

    Designer Colors

    To add a splash of color to your room, choose from our collection of 12 Designer Colors. Apply over Base Coat. Odorless and dries in under one hour. Also available in thousands of custom tints.

Designer Colors

Choose from 12 pre-mixed Designer Colors, or contact us for your custom tinting requirements.

(Note: 400 gallon minimum order for custom colors)
  • Bisque

  • Sand

  • Taupe

  • Pale Blue

  • Moss

  • Sienna

  • Blue Haze

  • French Blue

  • Mocha

  • Rustic Red

  • Sage

  • Charred Olive